For De la Cabada Consultants, the work methodology is the key to achieve success in developing a project.

This methodology stems from the experience gained from working in several Triple-A rated multi-national corporations.


Initial meeting
Exchange of ideas and information upon which a project plan shall be elaborated.


Project Plan
Clear and approved by both parties, the objectives shall be defined therein as well as the actions required in order to achieve them. These actions and the follow-up meetings shall also be scheduled therein.


Follow-up Meeting
Given the continuous monitoring of deadlines and quality performance, the follow-up meetings are increasingly important; in these meetings take part representatives of both De la Cabada Consultants and the client (two-way communication).


Final meeting
A summary of the works performed and the objectives achieved is made during this meeting. A report and all project related documentation are also delivered in this meeting.


Post ‐ project Service
De la Cabada Consultants is always available to solve any doubts that may arise after completion of the project.