Business Expansion

We assist business in expanding their formats through a customized strategy depending on the interests of each client. This can be made through franchise schemes, development and own investment, and joint-venture schemes.

We prepare your business for large-scale operations by providing you operations and development manuals, market research, growth potential analysis, and launching new marketing strategies.

Business Growth Plans

A growing number of organizations are designing business growth plans in order to achieve an orderly, planned and controlled development. The team of De la Cabada Consultants collaborates with you on defining and designing the business growth plan for your company, allocating the required resources in order to do so, and defining development objectives, both organizational and by business and/or department.

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YUM Restaurants International:
“Eduardo is a seasoned executive with a clear strategic mindset. He has a very casual way to interact with people, strenght that help him to work as a real team player.” May 28, 2008

    Rodrigo García-Romo , Senior Director, Operations KFC , Yum! Restaurants International managed Eduardo indirectly at YUM! Restaurants International - Mexico